Corporate act - Dare need a clear area at least 5m x 3m to perform their highly skilled fast paced acrobatic act. This area must not be accessible to the public. If it is, for example a dance floor in a ballroom, then it is important that adequate security or a temporary physical barrier is in place to prevent guests walking into the performance area. This is for your guests safety as much as ours.

Because we do full on acrobatic balances we need a minimum overall height (floor to ceiling) of 4.5m although with prior notice we can adapt our statue routine to suit a lower venue.

Statues - we require a smooth and flat surface on which to position our plinth. The plinth is 2m x 1 1/2m and 1m high, therefore we prefer a minimum height of 5m although with prior notice we can adapt our statue routine to suit a lower venue.

Walkabout - by the very nature of walkabout, we understand that is hard for the client to guarantee a smooth, clean floor surface. However, this is not a problem as we can visually assess the area and perform moves accordingly.

Sound and lighting - all music provided by Dare will be on CD. The client will need to provide a PA system on which to play the music. Lighting is to be provided by the client. Strobe may not be used during a performance. We prefer to have a meeting with the sound/lighting technicians prior to the performance to discuss requirements.

Changing rooms - a clean, secure and warm changing area close to the performance area is required. If we are performing statues, we would also request a shower as we wear full face, hand and hair make up which needs to be washed off before leaving the venue.

Additional - on events where we are expected to be in attendance for more than four hours we will need to be fed a main meal, either lunch or dinner. This should be available after the performance and not before.